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Airport City Belgrade

16 Jun 2015

» Introduction

Airport City Belgrade (ACB) is the first multi-use commercial facility in Serbia that merges the latest in building technology, together with a tenant focused approach. ACB is more than just a group of stand-alone office buildings. It will be the first Business Park providing its tenants a ”City within a City”. For those businesses that prefer their own space, ACB will offer Tailor Made buildings for a business that want to be a part of this exclusive community and needs the flexibility and details a custom built building can offer. Upon completion ACB will be in excess of 85,000 square meters of office, and tenant-friendly retail space. Your new office will be located in much more than a nice building, it will be a part of the largest business park development in the country, where top businesses work amongst each other.

» Investor

"Africa-Israel" and "Tidhar Construction"

» Location

block 67, New Belgrade

» Size

186 000 square meters building

» Deadlines

Construction started in 2005, the finalization date of this project is unknown

Updated Visualization of the Airport City Belgrade Complex

Visualization of the complex

Updated Visualization of the Airport City Belgrade Complex

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